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Release notes for kops 1.11 series

Significant changes

  • kops will attempt to remove NLBs (also known as ELB v2) that are tagged as created by the cluster. Please double-check the preview from kops delete cluster before allowing deletion.

  • JSON & YAML field names in the kops objects are case-sensitive. This was a regression across the kubernetes API libraries as observed kubernetes#64612. Please double-check that you are using the correct field names if you are constructing YAML / JSON outside of kops.

  • The default image on AWS for kubernetes 1.11 is now based on debian stretch, instead of debian jessie. This has better support for NVME.

New features

  • Support for kubernetes 1.11
  • Support using existing/shared AWS Security Groups
  • Support for more AWS instance types (r5, r5d, z1d, t3, f1.4xlarge, p3dn.24xlarge)
  • Addon updates (weave, dashboard, heapster, cluster-autoscaler, canal, coredns, cilium, aws-vpc-cni, lyft-vpc-cni, calico, kopeio-networking)
  • Allow users to opt-in to etcd-manager
  • More secure default settings when running kubernetes >= 1.11 (e.g. kubelet anonymous auth disabled)
  • Improved GCE & OpenStack support, experimental support for SpotInst

Required Actions

None known at this time

Full change list since 1.10.0 release

Changes from 1.11.0 to 1.11.1